Thursday, February 19, 2015

Radio, Web & Book Update for Listeners And Readers

Some random updates for you on what’s up with my recent endeavors—

First, I’ve uploaded some photos.  Yeah, I know, “Enough about me—what do you think about me?”  But a certain website and magazine (I won’t say which so as not to jinx it) is considering a story that would reference me, and the author asked for some photos.  To my shock, I found that I did not have very many.  (See, that’s why I chose the handle The Bashful Bloviator for my show and blog.)  Our producer, board op and all around sidekick on the Forrest Carr Show, Mark Ulm, was kind enough to snap off some pictures of me running my piehole.  I’ve uploaded three of them here, along with some other historic photos, some of which were captured with ancient technology (35 mm film—and I will confess that I still miss my Pentax!)

PowerTalk 1210 AM Tucson, #1 of 3
"Hear me now, understand me later."  :-)
I’ve been doing some radio interviews lately around the country to pimp, er, that is to say, objectively discuss my sci-fi novel A Journal of the Crazy Year in the wake of its print publication and the great reviews it got from Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews.  That has been a load of fun.  The latest interview was with Leigh Irvin of KSJE in Farmington (one of America's great undiscovered cities, located northwest of Albuquerque).   She does a show called Write On! which features authors of interest to New Mexico (I lived there for not quite a year, and the novel is set in the state.)   Leigh devoted nearly a half hour to discussion of my book.   She was great, and the show was a blast.  You can stream it or download it here.

Another interview of particular note was on WTIS Tampa.  That is a Christian radio station, and their level of interest, and reasons for it, in a zombie novel made for a very interesting segment.  I posted about that previously and you can find that entry and a link to the interview here.

"What?  What did I say?"
I also want to give a shout-out to KXYL in Brownwood, which is smack dab in the proverbial heart of Texas, a state I dearly love.  Regrettably, the interview is not available for streaming.  But trust me when I say that town is really into the whole zombie apocalypse thing and absolutely is ready for it.  The interview was a hoot and a holler.

At home reading one of my favorite books
I reposted my long bloviation on Evolution vs Intelligent Design after scientists determined that life on Earth probably began about a billion years earlier than previously thought.   The original posting was one of the more popular on my blog.  I’ve learned through this process that many believers in evolution suffer from the same problem they criticize in people of faith.  Specifically, some of them fill in the blanks of questions evolution can’t answer under the belief that sooner or later it will, and that all aspects of the theory will be proven.  Such avid adherence to belief is just another form of religion.  The article has prompted some strong comments in some of the places I’ve posted it, especially from defenders of the evolutionary faith.  Note, my article does not say that the evolutionary process does not exist, but it does challenge evolutionists to prove their assertion that we’re all here completely as the result of random chance.  I urge you to give it a read.


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More pix: two bald-headed curmudgeonly news directors, one fictional, one trying to be real.  This is me posing with Ed Asner, a.k.a. Lou Grant, at KGUN9.

Proof that at one time, I knew how to tie a tie.  This is at WFTX-TV in Fort Myers.

In my native habitat at WFLA-TV in Tampa.


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