Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Gift of Love

An open letter to:
Christ the King Episcopal Church
The Prayer Shawl Ministry
Special attention:  Ann Zasa
    Interfaith Community Services Board
2800 W Ina Rd
Tucson, AZ 85741

Dear Christ the King:

I recently received by way of my wife Deborah a wonderful prayer shawl from your organization.  The tag reads, “Made by hand and blessed with prayers of love and hope, this wrap is a gift to you.  May it bring blessings of comfort, gifts of warmth and the knowledge that you are cared for.”  And it’s signed, the Prayer Shawl Ministry of Christ the King Episcopal Church.

Deborah and I can’t thank you enough.  This open letter, which I am posting on my blog, is an attempt to do that but it only scratches the surface, really, of the emotions something like this inspires within us.  This shawl does make us feel supported and cared for and loved and all those things, and we’re feeling it in a way we certainly never expected when we began to go down this road with my terminal cancer diagnosis back in April.  The journey has been a difficult one, yes, but it’s also been filled with joys that we did not expect.   People reaching out to us in the manner this shawl does falls into that latter category. 

I will put this shawl in a place of honor in my office where I write my blog, which I do on not quite  a daily basis, but often, as a reminder of those who care about us.  Every time I glance in that direction I will  think of this shawl, why it’s there, and of Christ the King.  God bless you for thinking of us, and may He continue to support you in your ministry.

Forrest Carr
Deborah Carr

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