Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Medical etc. Tuesday November 3

It was a another somewhat fitful night last night as back pain set up where my left kidney used to be, and didn’t want to leave me be.  But I finally got past it with “prns”--an extra dilaudid pill logged as “pain relief as needed.”  I am finding that if I lie on my side when the pain is at its worst, it does subside and I can get back to sleep.  Still, this new development is not welcome as it causes me to up my pain meds which in turn causes me to be partially zonked during the day.  (I don’t mind being zonked during the night!)

Yesterday was nurse day.  Judging from the color of my eyelids and surrounding tissues she’s pretty sure I’m becoming anemic. This would be no surprise if true; all my taste buds related to red meat are dead or are on strike, so I’ve had very little appetite for it.  If it weren’t for chicken I don’t know what I’d do.  I have discovered an item at Wendy’s that I didn’t know about.   Without looking at the menu the other night I asked for a “crispy chicken sandwich” and what I got was a kid’s entreé about half the size of their adult sammiches.  Two of those perfectly match my appetite and they are quite tasty to  my current buds.

The nurse also wants me to eat eggs.  Who knew eggs could help with anemia?  My taste buds are about 50% effective on egg, bacon, and cream cheese products.  Plus, cooking bacon is messy, and I’m loathe to fix eggs without also making bacon.   However, Deborah showed me how to prepare bacon in the microwave, where there’s far less after odor and no skillet to clean up afterwards.  So we’ll see.  Two eggs, four strips of bacon does not sound like too daunting a challenge for breakfast or lunch—provided I can stand long enough to prepare the meal.  Yes, it has come down to these kinds of questions and I was pushing it today getting through the cooking process for lunch.  And then the entreé was only half as tasty as I remember that bacon and eggs ought to be.  *sigh*

The last of the book reviews I’ve been waiting for in regards to The Dark is now in, and it’s largely very good.  I’ll be promoting it tomorrow or the next day.  The book currently has a 4.9 rating with Amazon readers, with more than a dozen reviews posted, and that is outstanding.  There will be sporadic promotions for the last two books over the weeks ahead but no more writing on new projects, I think, other than this blog.  I’ve pretty much decided to call it quits with the publication of book #4, Weird Coincidences.  I did not submit that one for outside editorial reviews, but if you read it and liked it, then reader-posted reviews on Amazon.com are always welcome.

That’s four books, folks.  Four books published after taking a sabbatical where I said I’d publish at least three.  I don’t feel too shabby about that, although I sure hate the diagnosis that came with it.   I am grateful, however, that my energy levels at least did last long enough for me to get that last one out.  Given what it tries to say about the value and joy of life, that last book may have been the reason for everything.


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