Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Medical Travails Postscript Tuesday November 24

As it turns out, my mention of the possibility of traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday got me in a bit of trouble.  After my last blog entry on the subject I heard from my hospice nurse.  She had no idea I was thinking about going out of town for Thanksgiving.  Not to put too fine a point on it, I got spanked.  Not a bad one, but it was definitely a trip to the woodshed.  I am, she pointed out, in hospice care.  Someone like me doesn't just pull up stakes, hit the road and start rubbernecking.  Her concerns were all the same as those I'd already expressed, and they all boil down to the same thing:  what if some kind of medical emergency were to arise while I am on the road?  Apparently the routine is to arrange in advance with another hospice agency to be ready to step in and take care of me in that eventuality.  But if I'm going to be gone for more than one week they actually ask the hospice patient to resign the care temporarily and signup with the hospice agency in the area to which I'll be traveling.  Can you beat that? At any rate it sure drove home the seriousness of my situation.  It’s almost like now, in addition to everything else, I have to worry about a tree trunk falling on me, or something worse.

Another medical development today—I now have oxygen in the house, consisting of two emergency bottles and an oxygen generator.  This is to guard against my  next hard breathing/panic attack, of which I had another relatively mild one on Wednesday.  It wasn’t a bad one (thank God) but was it was severe enough to get my attention.  The aftermath leaves me with a tightness of breath across my chest and abdomen, which is no fun, and also with a line of pain across the top of my back.  It’s usually gone within 12 hours, though.

Company is coming tomorrow, so I probably won’t write for a couple of days.



  1. I wonder if AAA would provide you any assistance! ("closest Hospice") Hang in there, buddy! Great that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. I went on hospice service a few weeks ago myself as my heart failure has continued to progress. I am learning all kinds of things and having little squabbles with the social worker as we go through the process. I was originally going to go visit an old college roommate the same week I started hospice but that was quickly cancelled. And the other day I talked about taking a day trip in front of my nurse and she quickly put me in my place. I have also had a squabble with the social worker over which hospital they would send me too if I need another surgery. All of my doctors are at IU Med Center and that's where I want to continue to go for cardiac care. They want me to go to a hospital that has a terrible reputation for cardiac care. Finally it was agreed if I need more cardiac procedures I would resign from the hospice service during my time in the hospital then pick back up when I am released.