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Hollywood files for idea bankruptcy

Court action leaves several productions in limbo

Dispatches from the Future
June 7, 2020

LOS ANGELES (Gloomberg News) – Attorneys representing 27 Hollywood studios and independent movie production companies sought protection Monday in United States Idea Bankruptcy Court.  The action, filed under Chapter 13 of the U.S. Idea Bankruptcy Code, allows the studios to seek reorganization for their ideas. 

The law is designed to allow artists, writers, and producers to continue their projects under court administration pending the outcome of the case.  However, an attorney for the producers stated that production will stop for now on several motion pictures already underway.

“We’re past the tipping point,” said Ahgrabda Bighwahd, an attorney for the group.  “The producers have decided to hold in place until we can come up with some betters ideas.”

Over the past three decades, Hollywood filmmakers have relied increasingly on sequels, prequels, reboots, and remakes of past hits.   But revenue has been declining, and blockbusters have become increasingly rare.

“Formulas that used to work have lost their fizz,” Bighwahd said.  “We need to re-energize the whole process.”   The lawyer said executives have been thinking about the move for more than a year, but that the failure of Friday the 13th:  The Absolute We Swear to God We Really Mean It This Time Final Chapter was the last straw.  The picture only earned back about 25% of its estimated $1.1 billion budget. 

“Something had to give,” Bighwahd said.  “And now it has.”

Not every producer contacted by Gloomberg News agreed with the filing or participated in it.  “I don’t know what critics want from us,” said Seymour Phlopz, CEO of Miralax Films.   “It costs a lot to make a movie these days, and investors are very demanding.  Who wants to gamble on a script no one’s ever heard of?”

Among the projects now in limbo because of the idea bankruptcy filing are:

Global Warming on the Planet of the Apes
Great Grandson of Steel
Captain America Winters in Sarasota
Batman:  The Dark Knight’s Cholesterol Rises
Star Wars XI:  The Arthritis Menace (note:  introduces a new type of Imperial Walker)
Hairless Potter and the Goblet of Geritol
The Hobbit Returns Yet Another Additional Time
X-Men:  The Quest for Viagra
Thor VI:  Attack of the Shingles
Amazed and Confused Spiderman:  Lost at the Mall
Godzilla and the Monstrous Hoveround
The Bourne Redundancy
The Andromeda Hernia
Predawn of the Dead
King Kong and the Gastric Bypass
The Last Remake of Beau Geste (remake of 1977 movie of same name)
The Still Fairly Fast and Irritated
The Day the Earth Stood and Fidgeted
Pirates of the Caribbean:  The Curse of the Black Melanoma
Star Trek:  The Generation after That
Amityville:  The Really True Actual Beginning
James Bond:  The Centenarian Who Loved Me
Indiana Jones and The Temple of Assisted Living

In the court proceedings, a judge will assign a fan representative to consider new ideas and inject fresh thinking into the movie making process.  “What we need is a reboot,” Bighwahd said, and then added,    “Wow.  There’s that word again.”


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