Friday, April 24, 2015

Radio Play: Gagnet

As a bonus for shopping with me today, here is some old fashioned fun from the Take 15 production group at the University of Memphis that did not get played on my PowerTalk 1210 radio program. The reason it didn't is because it was intended for a specific college audience, and requires some setup to explain.  So, for those who weren't there, the name "Billy Mack" refers to Billy Mac Jones, who was university president at the time (back when it was called "Memphis State University."  And if you're not familiar with the old TV serires "Dragnet," the cast was famous for speaking in monotones.

One other semi-interesting note: I needed a particular sound effect to illustrate a point within the skit (you'll know what I'm talking about when you get there). My college roommate, who was from Lebanon, happened to have exactly what I was looking for, an audio clip that he had recorded from French TV. Go figure--apparently French TV is a little more unrestrained than what we have over the airwaves in America!

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