Saturday, May 2, 2015

Announcing: The Dark. Pre-order now!

“We all have our demons.”

At last, it’s here!

Well, almost.  The print and electronic editions of my new novel, The Dark, will be published on June 1, 2015.  The Kindle version is now available for pre-order.   Meanwhile, you can enter the Goodreads giveaway now for a chance to win one of 10 print copies that I’ll be giving away (it's free and there is no obligation of any kind).

I’m very excited about this one.  It contains some hard and meticulously researched science related to the origin of the universe; I actually was able to enlist the help of a NASA scientist to help make sure I got my facts relatively straight.  It also contains some good old fashioned sci-fi action and horror (yes, there will be zombies).  And, like my last sci-fi novel, A Journal of the Crazy Year, it contains some very spiritual themes.

Book Description
It’s said that God is infinite, and everywhere. But what if He isn’t?  What if it were possible to fly so far out into space that you arrive at a place where God does not exist?  How would you know it?  What would happen?  How would people behave?  Would they change?

These questions arise when nearly three dozen astronauts and observers embark on the most daring
voyage of exploration in all of human history, a space flight designed to probe the very limits of our universe.  Among those on board is a scientist who also wears a priest’s collar—Father Cameron
Rear cover detail: Bridge of the N.A.U.S. Santa Maria
Teal, director of the Vatican Observatory, recruited for the mission by an iconic industrialist who secretly hopes to find God.  After the N.A.U.S. Santa Maria crosses an unimaginable distance, bizarre, unexplainable, and profoundly frightening events start to unfold. As the chaos increases and terror grips the crew, Father Teal begins to wonder whether, in the quest to find God, he’s actually lost Him.

“This novel delivers. Carr’s writing pulls the reader into the story, willingly or not. The images form as the suspense builds. Be careful of the dark.”
—Dr. Steve B. Howell 

   Project Scientist, NASA's Kepler mission and
   author of  A Kepler's Dozen

Go here to find out more about the novel or click the Goodreads giveaway button on the upper right corner of this page.

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