Tuesday, May 5, 2015

More Milestones (Update V)

Some quick updates—

—My blog, The Bashful Bloviator, just logged page view #25,000—not bad for a little independent author’s blog.  The blog was one year old as of last month.  Catch it here—and remember, there is a sign-up option on the lower right side of the page to subscribe via email.

—I just received my one thousandth follower on Twitter.  Again, not bad for a guy who didn’t even have a Twitter account until about a year and a half ago, when I started tweeting about my writing and other items.  Follow me here if you haven’t already.

— “Likes” to my author page are within three clicks of hitting 1,050—anything above 500 is considered pretty decent for a new indie author.  If you haven’t liked my page, I invite you to do so here.

—In fulfillment of my promise to post all my radio comedy one day at a time, “Musical Treasury of Whistling” is going up this morning.  I have several in this series and I will admit they are among my favorites.  At least some listeners to my radio program seemed to like them, too (would you believe, I actually got requests to play them?)

—In case you missed it, the Kindle version of my next novel, The Dark, is now available for pre-order, for delivery June 1.  And, you can sign up to win a free print version copy via Goodreads.   Find easy one stop shopping to get more information on both programs and also learn more about the novel here (free sample chapter now available).

—My radiation treatments started yesterday.  The radiation is painless; you wouldn’t be able to know the machine is on if not for the alert beeps.   But I found it surprisingly painful to lie there on the table.  The problem is, at any other time, if the tumor in my side bothers me, I can rearrange myself to relieve the pressure.  But on that table I’m stretched out with my side unsupported, and am under strict orders not to move.  To my shock, under those circumstances my tumor hurt like the dickens.  There is no way to get around it:  it sucks to have cancer.  I’ll be going in for 34 more treatments, one a day every weekday.   They are irradiating both masses, the one in my colon and the one in my abdominal cavity where my kidney used to be.

Watch this space for more updates.


Find the complete log of my medical adventures here.

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