Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Beach Reading

My novel Messages is looking comfortable in its home environment.

When I took my self-awarded sabbatical a year or so ago and started work on my novel Messages, I will confess that one image I had in mind was that of a satisfied customer reading the novel while lounging on a beach.  So imagine my delight when a reader sent me a photograph showing the print version of the novel at home in the very environment I had pictured.

The reader is Lon Tegels.  He’s a fellow TV news director.  I’d seen Lon’s name around but didn’t know him until the novel brought us into contact.  Lon also posted a wonderful 5-star review for Messages on its Amazon.com page, which I've copied lower down.

Thanks, Lon!  You are a gentleman and a scholar.

By the way, this morning I took another step in my project of trying to reinvent myself as an author and bloviator.  I soloed the early morning shift on PowerTalk 1210.  It’s the first time I’ve been on the radio by myself since, well, never mind.  A long time.  Apparently I didn’t embarrass the station too badly because they are going to let me do it again tomorrow, from 5:00 AM to 7:00 AM Tucson time (which corresponds to Pacific Standard Time this time of year.)

Lon’s full review follows.

"Messages Should Be Renewed for Next Season
By Lon Tegels (as posted on Amazon.com)

Being an industry insider, I was initially skeptical. Another Broadcast News it isn't. The more I read the more I loved it. There was a time in the industry that everyone smoked, drank and cussed like sailors. Forrest captures the moment in the 80's perfectly. He also references equipment, cameras and source relationships in the field with cops. Having spent 35 years in the business. I could relate to everyone of the characters Forrest writes about. There is the news director that everybody respects, the news director everyone doesn't respect and the General Manager who would sell out for the sake of a client and a few dollars.

Besides being a book about the behind the scenes world of television news, there is also a murder plot that is written and woven with eloquence. I have taken a year to read books in the past. This one took me two weekends. It captivated me and held my attention. I felt for the assignment desk, the producers and for every one of us who has had to carry the dead weight of a bad hire or two. If you’re a TV veteran, this is a must read. If you’re a young reporter, you'll get an insight in what you might have to look forward to as your career takes off. Besides a story about journalism and crime, did I mention there is a fair amount of sex in the book. Yeah, reporters are human too.

I've already asked Forrest for some insight to a possible sequel. I won't give the plot or the next city away, but if he writes it, it will be an extension of the Felix and Arrow.  Where do veteran reporters go once they've made a name for themselves?  I'll be buying it.  For a guy whom I've never met, I felt like Carr and I have a connection. He's had his day in the newsroom trenches as news director. This book had to be cheap therapy for a recovering journalist.  Good luck.  Thanks for the fictional reality check into the world of television news!


You can find out more about Messages, see purchase links for it and get a free sample chapter on my author page.   And if you’re a fan of sometimes-snarky writing, please check out my “Snarkograms” blog page.

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