Monday, July 14, 2014

My First Show!

The Forrest Carr show debuted this morning.

Check it out:  My first selfie!  I call this one, “Old Bald Guy Hogs Radio Microphone.”

This is from this morning’s debut of the Forrest Carr show on Tucson’s PowerTalk 1210 AM.   It went well overall.  I even got in a couple of original comedy sketches, which is one of many things you can expect going forward.  Just like on this blog, we’ll talk serious news and public affairs, but will also detour onto some less well traveled paths, dealing with a range of topics up to and including books, Obamacare, cats, journalism, paranormal psychology, God, evolution, guns, lost civilizations, sci-fi, dreams, and the occasional rat bastard. 

After every show, I will post a page of links to topics that we discussed.  You can find those on the “PowerTalk 1210 story links” page.  The full list of pages is presented down the rail on the upper right corner of this blog.

My assignment this afternoon:  to see if I can get Homeland Security to answer some questions about the current immigration crisis.   Care to take any bets?   Stay tuned!

The show will air from 10 to noon Mountain Standard Time (which this time of year corresponds to Pacific Daylight Time) Monday through Friday, and is streamed here.

Find out more about the journey that led me here and where it’s all going via this blog entry.

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