Thursday, July 17, 2014

Radio Skit: "The Cable Company Phone Call"

There's nothing like having a bit of fun at someone else's expense.

You may have heard that cable company phone call that went viral this week.  I played it on my PowerTalk 1210 radio show on Thursday--as did, I'm guessing, every radio talk show host in America.  In the call, we hear a cable company customer patiently trying to disconnect his service, while a cable company representative digs in his heels and does his absolute best to keep that from happening.

Below in this little radio play (it's after the jump--click the "continue reading" button), is the rest of the story that you haven't heard.  Or maybe not.  But who's to say it couldn't have happened this way?  

I plan to do about two skits a day on the show.  Most will be short and I'll keep them in rotation until everyone is sick of them.  :-)  Because this one has a relatively short shelf life (being topical) I'm posting it right away.  But this gives you a sample of the flavor of fun we'll have on my radio program, when news permits.

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