Radio Fun: The Faux Commercials

As originally heard on the Forrest Carr show on Tucson's PowerTalk 1210 AM.

The Cobb Family players are:   Cletus K. Cobb, Darvell Cobb, Hollis Fernbeck, Forrest Carr, and Bonnie Kourvelas, with special guest stars Mack Taylor, Michele Ehrhart and Ben Hunt.

"Take 15" is:  Forrest Carr, Bonnie (Daws) Kourvelas, Michael J. Vails, C.J. Morgan, Mack Taylor, Hal Wolder, and a cast of thousands.

Acme Audible Fertilizer

The Acme Car  Alarm II

The Acme B.S. Alarm 


Miracle Gro Hair Tonic

The Acme Programmable Car Alarm

Repressive Auto Insurance

Herky Jerky

Hollis' Tooth World II

Hollis' Tooth World

Down B Formula D

Come On In to the Kamone Inn

Oral Fixation Denture Adhesive

Try New Ayntlimpitol

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