This is a compilation of posts where I have bloviated on political issues.  This doesn't include satirical writings--for those, see the "Snarkograms" page.   Also, for Obamacare, see "The Toilet Zone."

Old Southern White Boys
How I finally resolved my affection for the Confederate Battle Flag. 

Killing Tsarnaev
What do you think. Should we do him?  Here's why that may not be the right question.

Sylvia Allen and Mandatory Church:  Anatomy of a Hatchet Job
It started with a single tweet.  These days, that's all it takes.  Read the true facts that you will never see in the "mainstream media."

A Stunning Rush to Judgment--The Aftermath
Now even some liberals are admitting the whole “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative was false.  So what have we learned?

Hungering for Clarity
Since the attack on Pearl Harbor, some things have not changed.  Others most definitely have--such as the ability to name our enemies out loud.

Paul Babeu Goes to Washington
The story the media did not tell you about this popular sheriff's testimony on immigration enforcement.  Hear it for yourself.

The Truth about Mass Media Lies

The immigration truth is out. And now it's time for DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson to go.

 Immigration bureaucrats do not undertstand the word "undocumented"

OK, DHS:  Let's do narrow

Department of  Homeland Security to PowerTalk 1210:  "This is not a denial"

Obamacare death panel kills its first patient

The stunning rush to judgment in Ferguson

The Department of  Homeland Security's Ingenious Catch-23

Interview:  Paul Babeu and Tim Steller 

Immigration Crisis:  A Tale of Two Cities

The Family that Slays Together Stays Together 

ISIS Tweaks Its Branding

The Problem with Pieholes

The Psychology of Illegal Immigration

Our Country's Officially Approved Human Smuggling Ring

The Parade of Iraq Absurdocities Continues

Iraq Absurdocities

I'll See You in New York

Let the Iraq Blame Game Begin

Add Iraq to the List

Why I've Finally Had It with This President

Fox News Is Not Destroying America

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