My Medical Travails: Adventures in the Toilet Zone

The "Bashful Bloviator" did not start off as a blog about my struggle with terminal cancer, and I would venture to say there's more to it than that even now.  That said, I'll be culling out those entries that have anything to do with medicine and placing them onto this master page, in reverse chronological order, with most recent postings at the top. 

One day--and believe me, no one knows what day that will be--my voice here will simply end. I consider my new book "My Lifetime of Weird Coincidences and Strange Happenings" to be the final word on my cancer, the premonitions I had and acted on, and all the various strange phenomena surrounding all of that.  It's a brief, cheap read.  If you're curious about the paranormal, or things that may appear that way, you ought to find the book interesting.  If you're prone to depression, or are one of those people who struggles to find meaning in life, then it's my hope that the book, and this blog, will lift you up with newfound inspiration and a embrace of the many wonders of this incredible gift we call life.

My Life and Medical Travails, Wednesday December 2
This last Thanksgiving may have been the best ever.

My Medical Travails Postscript, Tuesday November 24
As it turns out, my mention of the possibility of traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday got me in a bit of trouble.  

My Medical Travails, Sunday November 22
Now, it's official:  I can feel like less of a bum. 

My Medical Travails Saturday November 14
Nourishment for body and soul 

My Medical Travails Monday November 9
Baby cottonmouths, painkillers and me

Medical etc., Tuesday November 3

My Medical Travails Sunday November 1
Something new to report on the "coincidences" front; a long night of pain pops up.

A Gift of Love
Once again, strangers reach out and touch Deborah and me in an unexpected and delightful way.

Reclaiming Life's Little Joys
It was no big deal--but really, it was.

Nurse Day
My favorite day of the week -- or at least one of them.

More Outage and Aboutage 
I am still able to get around pretty well, depending on the project. 

The Final Word
Okay, it's not really my final blog entry.  But it does make a final point as the blog writing continues about what's going on with my cancer. 

Changing Signs for Changing Times

I've lost my bed, but have gained a new one.

My Stay in Hospice (Updated)

I spent three days in their on-site facility--and it was marvelous.

To Blog or Not To Blog

Well, that isn't really the question.

A Severe Fright

An unexpected attack of extreme shortness of breath reminds me that time is not unlimited.

Out and About

Some unexpectedly good medical news follows the perfect weekend.

Out of the blue

My friends create an unexpected delight.

Welcome to Cancerland

I wind up hospitalized--again.  This time with Deep Vein Thrombosis.  And I get a startling revelation about expected recovery time that throws everything we've done so far up in the air.

Life Changes Update IX:  The Road Ahead

Now I have to decide what to do next--more regular chemo, experimental chemo, or nothing at all.

OK, That Was Uncalled For

The most severe medical fright yet--I had to be hospitalized with extreme sepsis and damned near died from it.

Life Changes Update VII

Life Changes Update VI

More Milestones (Update V)

Radiation has started.

Life Changes Update IV

Chemo and radiation lie ahead.

Stupid Medical Tricks (Life Changes Update III)
Hospitals and doctor's offices have come up with new forms of torment to throw at me.  The process of physically expiring is really starting to get on my nerves.

Life Changes Update II

I thought I had two cancers.  I was wrong.  I have three.

Life Changes 

The cancer is back.  The prognosis is not good.

Obamacare Episode Six
The Adventure Continues
My insurance company duns me for payment and threatens to cancel my account a week and half after cashing my check.

Obamacare Episode Five

Trail of Deception:  The ACA Stealth Doctor Swap
Now the media are beginning to report on what the issue I've been warning about. 
Obamacare Episode Four
How I won a four-month fight to keep my doctors.  But at this point it was too late for most other people to do the same--thanks to sleeping media watchdogs.
I Sing the Body Frustrated

Doctorama, or,  How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Big Government

Obamacare Episode One
From in the pink to on the brink


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