Media & Society

Journalism and what passes for "the media" today are driving modern society crazy.  Or is it the other way around? 

Leaving Las Vegas
Another news director bites the dust.   So what have we learned here today?

Some Think You Can't Handle the Truth

The Truth about TV News Employees

Sylvia Allen and Mandatory Church:  Anatomy of a Hatchet Job
It started with a single tweet.  These days, that's all it takes.  Read the true facts that you will never see in the "mainstream media."

Waisted Daze and Waisted Knights

The movie "Cinderella" is offensive?  Really?  Oh, yeah--to some. What this means and where we're all going with this.

George Orwell Lacked Imagination
Smile and wave.  You're probably on camera.  Now, behave.

Sex Box:  Bold, Innovative TV for Our Times
Another one I didn't see coming.

Space Age Revisited

As Leonard Nimoy's passing reminds us, we are losing our space age heroes.  Some personal thoughts about what they have meant to me, and to our world.

The Myth of Free Speech
So you think we have free speech in America?  This right is neither as free, nor as cherished, as you have been led to believe.

Fox News Revisited

Liberals are practically in a blind panic over Fox News.  They believe it's destroying America.  Is it?

Journalism's New Age of Shoddy
How "Rumor Has It News" went from being comedy to reality.

A Winning Job Application Strategy for TV News
For media types only:  how to write an attractive TV news cover letter.

The Job Applicant Darwin Awards
Title tells all.  And best of all, none of this is made up.

Evolution vs. Intelligent Design:  Do We Have a Winner?

Since writing this I've shared it on a number of Facebook forums.  In every place I've posted it, it never fails to get people worked up.  How you react will depend on your beliefs.  But one of the surprises is that some of those who are entirely devoted to Evolution react the same way to questions and challenges to their viewpoints as do those whose opinions are religious in nature.  Why is that, and what do these two groups have in common?

The Truth about Mass Media Lies
Don't look now, but you get lied to every day by sources you trust.  How to defend yourself.

Confessions of a TV News Director:  The Outrage Industry
They fume.  You click.  Big media profits.

Society's New Cultural Communism
If we can't all be beautiful, then no one gets to be beautiful.  How some activists are trying to change the way humanity thinks.

Breaking News:  Obamacare Death Panel Has Killed its First Patient!

Really?  No, not really.  But my exposé of one web site's claim to that effect has emerged as one of my most popular blog entries. 

My Great Cigarette Rebellion
This essay on second hand smoke, and how it's tried to kill me and probably will succeed eventually, has attracted quite a few clicks.

News Directors:  Support Your People

Why the Dr. Oz Flap Doesn't Bother Me

Just Say No to TV Speak

When Viewers Turn on You

Is Accuracy in TV News Obsolete?

The Facts about Viewer Advocacy

Six Conflicting Headlines:  Who's Telling the Truth?  And How Do You Know?

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