Radio Fun: Got Satire?

As originally heard on the Forrest Carr show on Tucson's PowerTalk 1210 AM.

The Cobb Family players are:   Cletus K. Cobb, Darvell Cobb, Hollis Fernbeck, Forrest Carr, and Bonnie Kourvelas, with special guest stars Mack Taylor, Michele Ehrhart and Ben Hunt.

"Take 15" is:  Forrest Carr, Bonnie (Daws) Kourvelas, Michael J. Vails, C.J. Morgan, Mack Taylor, Hal Wolder, and a cast of thousands.

The Tucson Traffic Game
Presented in honor of the latest round of Tucson accidents and fatalities that keep our city punching well above its weight in the arena of pedestrian safety.  

The Rest of the Story:  The Nashville Cat
Our local symphony gets an infusion of Tennessee music values, with hilarious results.  Inspired by real events.  And yes, you will hear me shamelessly singing on this one, following in my father's footsteps (who, in his youth during the Golden Age of radio, had his own program for a short time).

This is another one from my college days, but was not previously heard on my PowerTalk 1210 program.  FYI, the name "Billy Mack" that you'll hear referred to the man who was president of what was then called Memphis State University.

Radio Skit:  "Steve Herky for Congress"
Now that the elections are over, this spot is coming out of on-air rotation on my PowerTalk 1210 program.  But we had our quota of fun with it.  Steve Herky is an honest politician--the kind who, when bought, stays bought.

Radio Skit:  "The Golfer in Chief"
President Obama has taken a lot of heat for going on a two-week golf vacation in the midst of numerous national and international crises.  But what you may not know is that he did his best to get home quickly and take care of business.  Here in this brief clip from The Forrest Carr Show on PowerTalk 1210 is that story. 

Radio Skit: “The Department of Homeland Security Press Room”
The radio skit  below was, as they say in the movies, “Inspired by actual events.”  Which is to say, there’s quite a bit of truth to it, but take it with a grain of salt.   The dialogue is made up, but the outcome of the Department of Homeland Security's reporter-stiffarming tactics was exactly as described.

The Rest of the Story:  "The TV Newsroom."  A TV station in North Carolina did a news story on--well, you have to hear it to believe it.  This little radio play pokes a bit of fun at them while also making a serious point about the sad state of TV news.

The Rest of the Story:  "Big Insanely Profitable Health Co, LLC."  Okay, it may be a minor thing.  But the casual disrespect that big companies show the little guy can be so aggravating.   Time for a little radio satire in revenge.

Ellis the zombie loving cat.  "I am not making this up."

The Rest of the Story:  "The Cable Company Phone Call."  You may have heard that cable company phone call that went viral this week. In it, we hear a customer patiently trying to disconnect his service, while a customer service rep digs in his heels and does his absolute best to keep that from happening.   In this little radio play is the rest of the story that you haven't heard.  Or maybe not.  But who's to say it couldn't have happened this way? 

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