Radio Fun: Improving the Movies

As originally heard on the Forrest Carr show on Tucson's PowerTalk 1210 AM.

The Cobb Family players are:   Cletus K. Cobb, Darvell Cobb, Hollis Fernbeck, Forrest Carr, and Bonnie Kourvelas, with special guest stars Mack Taylor, Michele Ehrhart and Ben Hunt.

"Take 15" is:  Forrest Carr, Bonnie (Daws) Kourvelas, Michael J. Vails, C.J. Morgan, Mack Taylor, Hal Wolder, and a cast of thousands.

2001:  The Alternate Ending

Star Trek:  The Rigellian Flatulence Plague

The Spy Who Harassed Me

Star Trek:  The Planet of Willing Women

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