Thursday, March 26, 2015

Jail for those refusing to attend church?

Does this politician really want to throw people into jail who refuse to attend church?  Democrats and the media say yes.  They're basing that on a single statement that Arizona State Rep. Sylvia Allen made in an appropriations hearing.   Here is the full comment, which as far as I have been able to tell has not been previously uploaded or included in other news stories.  See for yourself to see whether this statement amounts to a declaration that she wants to jail non-church goers, as the media are claiming.

Note:  As of this posting, two days after the event, only one media outlet had asked Allen for her side of the story, and the quote it gave was very brief.  I spoke briefly with one of her staffers Thursday afternoon, but she was out of the office and did not return my call.  She tells her side of the story in detail on her Facebook page, however.   Her full statement is pasted below.

From the Facebook page of AZ State. Sen. Sylvia Allen (R-Snowflake):

NO Such Bill -
Sadly, once again the public is being purposely misled. I have no bill about church attendance I said this in a flippant way during a very long committee meeting where gun violence was being debated that maybe it would be better if such a bill was run since the problem with America today is the moral climate. The senator who tweeted this and the media reporting knows there is no bill but then there is a lack of integrity among those who fuel misinformation

I do stand by my remarks stating that we need a moral rebirth in our country. Do you realize that Arizona is a leading state in our country for trafficking in child pornography? I am not talking about naked pictures of children but videos of infants and young children being raped! We are looking for money to increase the task force that is fighting this. 

We are considering a bill that makes it a Felony 5 if you maliciously send out a naked picture of someone on the internet why are people sending such pictures to begin with? Police officers are being killed in our streets every day and gun shootings are common. We are having to increase the funding to our Child Protective Services due to parents who are neglecting or abusing their children. Crimes related to drug addiction is the largest percentage of people serving in our prisons and drugs are destroying our families. I could go on and all of this we have to deal with at the Legislature we are being asked to solve these problems and to find the money to address them. 

"America's problem is not erosion of the soil but erosion of the soul" I stand by this statement I apologize to no one for it.

We are destroying ourselves from within and people are offended by the thought that maybe a church bill could exist? Amazing.

Senator Allen


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